Project Baseline

The Ecosystem Crediting Platform (ECP) translates conservation and restoration actions into ecosystem service credits. This tool increases the speed and consistently of the credit development by automating and standardizing the process whenever possible — transparently producing high-quality credits with efficiency and rigor.

A land manager may use the ECP as a tool for moving a restoration or conservation project through the credit creation work-flow after confirmation that their proposed project is eligible. The crediting process begins by assessing and recording existing conditions at the project site. Recording this baseline condition is essential to the overall process as it defines the starting point from which future environmental improvements will be measured. Determining baseline requires work in the office, through the collection of spatial data and consulting databases, and work in the field, through detailing conditions on the ground and confirming boundaries. The end result of this stage is a defined restoration site boundary; defined map-units within the boundary based on habitat type; and a credit by credit calculation of the project’s existing environmental benefits.

More generally, this is also the point at which project developers begin thinking about the long-term protection and maintenance of the project site. This may include, but is not limited to, the acquisition of easements, writing a stewardship plan and developing an endowment to fund the plan over the life of the project.

Project Baseline Screenshot